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What should I wear??

Anything you feel and look gorgeous in!!! My portrait shoots are all about capturing your individual personalities, so I always encourage clients to wear something that’s you…

Family portraits: Try not to dress everyone in matching colours as it can look unnatural. Stick to a colour scheme that compliments each other, for example, creams, browns and pinks.

Children portraits: Have fun with these sessions… these images are what you will look back on when they have grown up. Ballerinas, Super heros and accessories are strongly recommended… Strong colours and patterns add fun and colour to your session, but stay clear of big logos, pictures and words as it can be too distracting and date. Favorite teddies, dolls, blankets etc are also invited.

Maternity Sessions: I always recommend mums-to-be to wear what they feel beautiful in.. Anything that is fitted around your belly is perfect. I also have several coloured materials that we can work with in the studio. Please ensure you wear or bring along black and skin coloured underwear… And for partners, bare skin, whites, blacks or colours that compliment your outfit is perfect!

Just remember your portraits capture a fashion moment in time which, good or bad, will represent you forever. I know I have a few family portraits that scare me from the 80‘s, so think carefully about what you choose to wear.  Please feel free to bring along a selections of ideas so I can help you on the day  😉

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